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If you want to be the hero your partners call to rescue their transactions, you need to hire the best sidekick available. Compare the benefits of Amrock with your current provider to see the difference that our proven solutions make for your credibility and success.

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Our Expedited Title feature makes it possible to turn your order around in less than 48 hours using Amrock’s proprietary technology.1 You’ll also save up to 5 hours per transaction with features such as automated data entry and direct team member support within our portal.


Communicate next steps with your clients and partners automatically through our client journey designed to streamline routine real estate processes. Once it’s time to close, our mobile notaries are available anytime and anywhere due to our nationwide coverage and industry-leading eClosing expertise.


On top of our already competitive pricing, your clients can save up to 25% on their title premiums2 in eligible states with our insurance underwriter Amrock Title Insurance Company. A $500,000 purchase in Arizona could have a savings of $721.40 over the three largest underwriters.


As your sidekick, we’ll focus on the details so that you’re empowered to easily take care of what’s important on every transaction. Together we’ll make you the obvious choice when a partner is in need. Contact our team using the form below, email us at [email protected] or call (888) 848-5355 to start leaping tall orders in a single bound.